35 Powerful Examples of Portrait Photography

35 Powerful Examples of Portrait Photography

This post really has nothing to do with WordPress, but it has everything to do with amazing and powerful examples of portrait photography.  Figured it was time to do more fun, easy to glance at posts for a bit.  Let me know if you like them.

These photos were all found around the web and are examples of the power of the portrait shot.  Enjoy!


Two good friends


Preserve your memories


Child of Gaia


Baby blue eyes


The darkest light


Rainbow family member 13




They’re staring at you


Le moribond






Sweet insanity


Still light


Beautiful day without you






Her flowers


Travelling song


Stranger 77


Marlboro man




Black and white


I paint my face on


A stranger: Victor


A stranger: Andy


The glass is half full


That funny feeling






Little goldfish


Eyes full of sunshine




Little warrior


In all seriousness


Nice thick feathers


If you like posts like this let me know in the comments section below and I’ll continue to do more.  Thanks!


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Jeff Hendrickson
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  1. Very pwerfull images!

  2. Beautiful, stunning images and color/contrast.
    Alos a beautiful webdesign, my compliments.


  3. Great portraits! It takes great skill to try and sum up a personality using 1 image.

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